Visions of Glory (5-year anniversary edition)


John Pontius; A Mesmerizing Read that inspires hope and courage A NEVER-BEFORE-PUBLISHED INTERVIEW NOW REVEALS MORE OF THE MAN BEHIND THE VISIONS AND A DEEPER LOOK INTO THE EVENTS HE WITNESSED. VISIONS OF GLORY describes the amazing near-death experiences and subsequent visions of Spencer, as told to best-selling author John Pontius. Walk with Spencer as he witnesses in STUNNING DETAIL the MIRACULOUS events of the last days long prophesied in ancient scripture—the return of the ten tribes, the building of the New Jerusalem, the millennial day and celestialization of the earth, as well as other ASTOUNDING FUTURE EVENTS. FIND RENEWED FAITH in Spencer’s captivating accounts of his spiritual childhood and personal relationship with the Savior. This THRILLING ACCOUNT OF THE LAST DAYS will strengthen your own testimony of the glory of God and of His eternal plan for his children.

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