Risen Lord


Risen Lord:

There are no likenesses of Jesus Christ passed down through the centuries because it was against Jewish law at that time, to paint portraits. Artists often portray him as a mortal man with brown eyes and various shades of brown hair because Jewish hair and eyes are typically brown. One 8th century historian, Nicepehorus, described him as fair haired and of average height, but without a record, we don’t really know what His coloring was. Many of the early LDS apostles stated that Joseph Smith, Jr. came from the lineage of Jesus Christ, and I think there could have been some family resemblance passed down in the physical DNA; I think that they would have similar coloring and that Joseph and Jesus could share similar features, as well. Thus, I decided to paint Christ with blue eyes, light brown hair, and a strong nose.

I feel that His looks would not stand out in a crowd (Only those spiritually prepared would recognize Him.), but His face would have a subtle and almost perfect symmetry that could only be seen from a straight on front view. His light brown hair would be soft and flow gently, but not be wavy or curly or “girlish”; His beard would be short and groomed; His blue eyes would be penetrating, yet gentle; His expression would be one of kindness and acceptance. - Teresa Young, Artist

The semi-matte prints are printed on 80# - 100# premium, coated paper, depending on size. (The smaller ones are usually heavier and can stand alone.)  The canvas prints are done on 20 Mil. large format canvas, unmounted.






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