Nephi's Courage Card Game

If you enjoy playing Old Maid, Go Fish, and the Matching Game, you’ll love Nephi’s Courage, three fun new family games with a Book of Mormon twist. In Gadianton Robber all of your favorite Book of Mormon heroes, like Nephi, Moroni, and Ammon, come to life as colorful characters that you must match in pairs. Collect as many matches as you can, and win! But watch out for the sneaky Gadianton Robber, who will snatch away your victory if you get stuck holding his card at the end of the game. As a bonus, you can play Seek, and Ye Shall Find, a Latter-day Saint version of Go Fish. You can also play a memory matching game called Ponder. Three fun games for the price of one! Nephi’s Courage will be a family favorite for years to come.

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