Mary, Mother of Jesus - Uplifting, Unique Look At Mary's Life From an LDS Perspective - You Won't Find Another Book Like It - Wonderful Book for Latter-day Saints - Gift Idea - Author of Many Great Books Like "The Apostleship" & "The Three Nephites"


Author: Bruce E. Dana

Number Of Pages: 149

Publisher: Cedar Fort Inc

Release Date: 2002

Details: Key Features- An uplifting, unique look at Mary's life from an LDS perspective. The only book of its kind on the market. This book removes the mystery about Mary, and shows her true character and actions. The author's thorough research is based completely on the words of modern prophets and Jewish scholars. The Mother of the Son of God. Imagine the astonishment and wonder young Mary must have felt when the angel Gabriel informed her of her life's mission. Yet so little is known about this choice woman. Notwithstanding, we do know of the association and conversations between the Savior and his beloved mother. This unique book takes the scriptures and words of respected scholars to give readers a glimpse into Mary's everyday life in the Jewish culture. We also learn how she developed her spiritual attributes and her true relationship with our Father in Heaven. With its easy-to-read style, this profound book allows the reader to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for this chosen daughter of God. Bruce E. Dana is an avid student of the scriptures. In his studies, he discovered that there had not been a doctrinal book written exclusively about the mother of our Lord. He spent three years researching and writing Mary, Mother of Jesus and hopes the reader will come to know what a rewarding yet challenging life she had as the mortal mother of God's Son. ISBN: 1-55517-557-0, SIZE: 6" x 9", CATEGORY: LDS Non-Fiction

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