HumbleArt 18-pc Filipino/Spanish Traditional Nativity

SKU AC-0010

This Nativity was created by a Humble Artisan in Manila, Philippines.  The nativity contains 18 pieces that include two palm trees, stable, Joseph, Mary & Jesus, three caribou, one horse, one goat, two sheep, three wisemen, and three shepherds.  Each branch of the tree is carved separately. The nativity is hand-carved and made from bituklin wood, a native wood to the Philippines.  It takes 3-5 weeks for an artisan to hand carve each set.

Every purchase of our HumbleArt nativities helps to bring our artisans to a better state of self-reliance.  HumbleArt nativities are much higher quality than most commercially made nativities.  Each piece is made of real wood and NOT plywood or particle board or paint that covers a lower quality nativity.  Each piece is of the highest quality and finish.  Each nativity is built unique, making every one of them a special work of art.

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